Tuesday, July 8, 2003

2003 European vacation with Angie

A couple days after Tim and Faith's wedding, Angie headed off to Prague for a semester of school at CVUT. I figured when her semester was over it would be a great opportunity to join her and travel through Europe for a couple weeks. It was, we did, and it was great!  We started our trip with 2 nights in Prague, followed by a sleeper train to France where we eventually found our way to Ronchamp for a night; then to Geneva for a night; 4 nights in Rome; 2 in Cinque Terre; another sleeper to Barcelona for 1 night; and ending with 2 nights in Paris.  Needless to say, by the time the 2 weeks were up, I was exhausted!

We had debated on a Mediterranean cruise, a bus tour, or go on our own with train passes. I ended up stumbling upon a fantastic deal on 2 first class train flexi-passes, so that's what we opted for. Ordinarily about $1000@ for these passes, I got them for $500@. Someone had gotten them as compensation for a travel problem they had and couldn't use them so they were looking to sell them. The passes worked out even better then I'd hoped for! I even sent Angie's to her ahead of time so she could get a little more use out of them since I knew were weren't going to use all 14 days of train travel and they were good for 2 or 3 months.

 So after about 10 months of planning, the day finally arrived---June 24th, 2003. I hopped on a plane in STL and headed to Prague by way of Detroit and Amsterdam. I am amazed at how easy it is to get around the airports in the foreign countries we've been to. Announcements on the plane were even done in English as well as a couple other languages. Pathways in the Amsterdam airport were color coded for different itineraries, too. I even shocked a couple people on one of the planes when I spoke a little Russian with them (the only time I used any of the 3 semesters of Russian I had in college!) The flights went well and I arrived in Prague (Praha, as they call it) by late morning. Angie was there to great me and we were on our way to a fantastic trip.

June 25 and 26---Prague 


June 27---Eurail to Ronchamp and up to Notru Dame du Haut


June 28---Eurail to Geneva


June 29---Eurail from Geneva to Rome 


June 29-July 2---4 nights in Rome 


July 3 and 4---Cinque Terre


July 5---Barcelona  


July 6-8--Paris 


This was a very different vacation for me!  I don't usually travel somewhere without knowing where I'm going, how I'm getting there, and where I'm staying every day.  But it was nice having the option to be spontaneous at least for part of the trip.  It was wonderful traveling around Europe by train---especially with 1st class Eurail tickets.  I would love to do another Eurail train trip---but with a lot less luggage!

 It was a great 2 week trip starting in Prague and going on to Ron Champ, Geneva, Rome, Cinque Terre, Barcelona and finally Paris.  Not just because of the sights, but also for the fantastic undivided time with Angie!

We certainly had our share of trials and tribulations!  Or should I call them adventures!!??  But it was a trip I'll never forget and cherish forever!!! 

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