Friday, June 20, 1997

1997 Oregon summer vacation (yurt and Crater Lake)

This was the summer Tim graduated from high school and told us he didn't want to go.  I don't know if it was Oregon he was tired of or going on vacation with us, but we let him stay home.  So we let Angie ask a friend to come along.  She chose Shannon and she was a delight to have along.

We did our usual 2 night trip away from Dallas, but did it a little differently this time.  Instead of staying in a hotel, we stayed in a yurt.

I had tried to get one on the coast, but reservations for those were gone well before summer.  But I did get one in southern Oregon between Crater Lake and the coast.  It was much more comfortable then camping, but it isn't a resort!   It was cheaper then a hotel, but not much.  It was a unique experience, though.

There was a bunk bed for 4 and a double fouton.  It was clean and I liked that there are real floors in it unlike camping.