Tuesday, November 12, 2013

2013 St. Thomas 9 day vacation to the island!

Oct. 29, 2013:

Today we woke up bright and early and ready to head to Miami for our 9:55 am flight to St. Thomas.  We had arrived in southern Florida on the 24th and spent the first few nights at Angie and Josh's (our daughter and son-in-law's).  They were also heading to St. Thomas with us and flying on the same plane.  Unfortunately, our great planning didn't pan out too well---for much of the trip, actually!  They had done a test run to the airport a couple weeks before and said it was about 45 minutes from their place.  So they allotted for that, another half hour to park their car, and another half hour to check in.  Little did we know, Miami closes their flights 1 hours before flight time and it took a little longer then 45 minutes to get there.  So they dropped us off by AA check in and we hustled to check our bags.  That's when we were enlightened about the 60 minute flight "closing".  We missed it by 2 minutes!  So, the first of our regrouping and replanning went into effect.  There was another flight to St. Thomas 8 hours later.   So we got the 4 of us confirmed on it---even getting assigned the exit rows (for a fee, of course).  

I'm sure Ken would have been content to sit in the airport for 8 hours, but Angie, Josh, and I weren't.  So we loaded back into their car and took off to South Beach.  They aren't fans of Miami, but I rather enjoyed the excursion.  We drove around looking at the Art Deco buildings and newer sculptures.

 We even managed to find a parking spot on the road closest to the beach and had breakfast/lunch at an Irish pub there--Finnegan's Way.
 We paid for about 1 1/2 hours of parking (think it was $3, maybe $4), so after eating, Angie, Josh and I walked over to the beach.  First we had to cross the green space.
The walkway from the green space to the large Miami Beach.
Would have loved to spend more time at the beautiful beach, but I was dressed for a chilly plane, not for chilling on a beach!  Here's my beautiful daughter and fantastic son-in-law.