Friday, February 13, 2015

2015 On to Maui from Kauai:

 Feb.12, 2015--on to Maui from Kauai:

Usually we spend our whole vacation on one island, but this time I took advantage of good award travel itinerary to Kauai and from Maui.   We did have to pay $90@ plus $15 for one checked bag on Hawaiian for our flight between LIH and OGG, but I felt it well worth it to get to see Kauai for a few days, too.  But the 6 nights flew by and before we knew it, it was time to head to Maui.   To see my blog from Kauai, click here---   2015 Kauai

Ken is a nervous traveler, so he made sure we were at the airport plenty early---about 2 1/2 hours early for our 11:10am flight!  The flight was on time and was a nice short flight!
I love that they give you tropical fruit nectar on their flights.
There was a lot of wind and clouds, but now and then I got pictures of land.  I believe this is Oahu.
 I think this is Molokai---or is it Lanai?
 This is West Maui.
 more of west Maui
 crossing over the mountain to the airport.
 the valley.
 descending in to Kahului.
 We had another Budget reservation---again the cheapest full-size or above reservation I was able to find from a discount broker for 15 days (we're leaving late on the 14th day so reserved the car an extra day).  The car was suppose to be a "premium" level car (Taurus) for $600.  Turns out we got an Infinity---complete with a bunch of features we are not familiar with---but will learn by the end of our stay I hope.  (It got rather comical listening to Ken curse at the car everyday when he would accidentally push another button and the car would do something weird) I went to pick up the car since I'm the Fastbreak member and Ken got the luggage.  I was the only one in Fastbreak and was back at the airport in less then 15 minutes.  Ken was waiting with the luggage when I got back and we were on our way to Kihei.
It was too early to check into our timeshare, so we headed to a late lunch/early dinner.  Peggy Sue's hit the spot.  Love their shakes.  Their sandwiches were very good, too.  Love the old diner style.  Service was a little slow, but we're on Maui time now.
 Back to our car-----I noticed my seat was cold.  That's when I discovered one of the weird features---heated and cooled seats.  Ken swears his was on hot. 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

2015--Feb. 6-12 Kauai trip # 13!

Finally---Feb. rolled around again and it was time to take our annual trip to Hawaii.  This time we're going to 2 islands: first 6 nights on Kauai; then 14 nights on Maui.  When I went to book our award tickets on AA, Maui wasn't available for STL-OGG, but Kauai was --- so I was more then  happy to travel to Kauai first!  This is our 13th trip to Kauai.  Most of them have been for at least 2 weeks.  I figure that gives us over 6 months here now!  Doesn't that make us residents?!

Even our day of travel went smoothly this time!  No big changes to our flights over the previous 330 days, no delays on day of travel, and we were even able to go to Customer Service in LAX during our 3.5 hours layover and got upgraded to the front of coach where there's a lot more leg room and we were able to have a row of 3 seats to ourselves.  The day really didn't seem too bad, even though it took us about 15 hours to get from our home to Kauai.
Here we are descending into LA.
We saw sunset in LA, as we were taking off.
We seemed to be a little late getting into LIH.  I took off to get our car from Budget (with my Fastbreak account) while Ken waited for our luggage.  Again Budget had the best prices for a full size or above car.  Even checking regularly, this mid size SUV ended up being the cheapest rental for our 6 nights ($220ish including about $100 in taxes and fees) and spouse drives free.  Initially she wanted to give us a Jeep Wrangler, but I asked for something else.  In about 15 minutes we were on our way to Kauai Beach Villas in our GMC Terrain SUV.  Got to the resort a couple minutes before 11pm.  Were surprised to see they put us in an Ocean View unit the first 2 days.  Yea! I was able to reserve the last 5 nights in an OV, but the first 2 were suppose to be in a garden view. We probably could have stayed in the first room all 6 nights, but the view from the G building is a lot better, so we'll switch rooms tomorrow.  Then we were off to Safeway to get our deli sandwich dinner (which they didn't have) and a few other things.  Ended up having our first dinner on Kauai this trip from McDonald's---which really tasted good!

Feb. 7: north and Anini---
Tired as we were, we were up by 7 (11am STL  time).    The weather was beautiful!  Very little wind, partly cloud and highs in the mid 70s.
View from our first room-- F3.
We were in one  of the newly renovated Kauai Beach Villas condos.  It has been a long time since they have done much to the units.  New floors, new furniture, new bedding and curtains.  Same old cabinets and counters, but I'm happy with what has been done.