Monday, January 4, 2010

The Oregon Coast

Time to get started on some of my Oregon trips. Since we've taken so many trips there, this blog will just be about some of the places we've been to along the Oregon coast. My parents and brother's family moved back to the Wilamette Valley (Dallas, Oregon) when I got married and left me in St. Louis. For the next 33 years, my husband and I (and our kids) made this our main vacation every year. Although we stayed with my parents most of the time, we would venture off for a few days each year and see different parts of Oregon. Quite often we headed 30 miles due west of Dallas to the mid-coast area of Lincoln City. We would usually stay somewhere between Lincoln City and Depoe Bay, but we did travel the whole length of the Oregon coast a few times. For this blog, I'll start in the far north and work my way south.

Astoria--This charming little town is full of historic Victorian homes overlooking the coast and mouth of the Columbia River. Just north of the town is the 4.1 mile long Astoria Bridge which goes over the Columbia River to Washington. Fishing for salmon, sturgeon, and crab are very popular here as well as exploring the shops and galleries along the Riverwalk area.