Sunday, June 29, 2003

2003 June 29---Eurail from Geneva through the Alps to Rome:

Continuing on our 2 week trip through Europe, our next destination was Rome.   By way of Eurail.  We spent most of June 29th on the premium Italian train (for an additional $11@ fee for a reservation with our 1st Class Eurail passes).   Perhaps I should list our next destination as the Eurail ride through the Alps and the Northern Italian countryside---it was magnificent!!!

Before we left Geneva, we thoroughly enjoyed a real American breakfast buffet at the Warwick.
Then it was time to hop on the train again and make our way to Rome.
We did get to see the northern Italian Alps along the way.  They were pretty, but I was expecting lots of snow covered sharp peaks.  Guess we needed to be in the Swiss Alps for that.
The mountains were still gorgeous, though.

Then came the many vineyards
I found it interesting that they tiered the vineyards on the mountainsides.

Farther into Italy we came across a beautiful lake area.
 Found out later it was Lake Como.
 Wouldn't mind spending some time around here sometime.
 Once we reached Milan, we had to change trains.
The views from the train were fabulous! 

 Sometimes the views in the train weren't bad, either!
Then came the fields of sunflowers!

We spent a lot of time on the trains the last couple of days, but it's a great way to travel!  Only had a day in Ronchamp and an evening in Geneva, but we enjoyed those times, too.

On to Rome!   to continue on our journey, click here:  ROME

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