Monday, January 20, 2014

2014 Kauai -- trip # 12: Kauai Coast Resort; KBV; biking; Smith's garden; Allerton Garden; Na Aina Kai; Bali Hai

Jan. 18, 2014:
LONG day!  But at least it went by without any real hitches.  Although when I went to check into our flights the day before, I got a message saying we could not check in.  So I called to find out why. Turned out, AA had never updated their system since our flights were changed a couple months ago---even though I had confirmation of the change and was able to pick our seats.    I booked the reservation about 330 days out to use frequent flier miles.  Originally we were to fly out on the 19th, but they cancelled the afternoon flight from LAX-LIH for all days except Fri. and Sat.  So we either had to spend the night in Los Angeles and take the morning flight on Monday, or change our flights to Fri. or Sat.  No brainer---we went for the extra day.  They were able to correct their mistake and we proceeded with our STL-DFW, DFW-LAX, LAX-LIH 18 hours of travel.  We made it to the airport 2 hours early (didn't want to miss our flight again like we did in Oct. for our St. Thomas flight).  Made our tight 45 minute connection in DFW (they were actually boarding when we got to the gate which was in the farthest concourse from where we landed).  I anxiously anticipated our usual Chili's dinner in LAX before our long almost 6 hour final flight---but found it was gone!  Now it's an expensive sandwich place.  So we tried the Burger Bar where the Burger King use to be.  It, too, was expensive---$13 for a chicken sandwich which was only mediocre.  But, finally, we were on our way to Kauai. 

As soon as we got off the plane in Lihue, we ran over to the Enterprise booth to check in before the crowds only to find no one was there.  So I sent my husband to the shuttle and he took off to get the car while I went to get our luggage--first time with checked luggage (free now that we have the platinum credit card).  I found a great deal for a full sized car for 17 days for $340 including taxes and fees.   Usually we book with Budget, but the cheapest I found them this year was about $650 for an intermediate.  Enterprise wasn't busy and hubby was able to pick out the car.  He chose a Chevy Impala.  Shortly after I had our luggage, he was pulling up with our car.

On to our home for the next week, Kauai Coast Resort at the Beachboy in Kapaa.  Our kids had stayed here before and we loved the heated pool, not to mention the nice condos.  Usually we stay at Kauai Beach Villas near Kapaa, but I was able to get KCR as an exchange for a week I had expiring in Trading Places.  After this week, we move over to Kauai Beach Villas for 7 more nights, then to Princeville to Wyndham Bali Hai for 3 more night.
Usually we run to Safeway the night we get here, but this time we chilled out and hit the sack about midnight Hawaii time.  But first, I took a few pictures of our home.

Love the Hawaiian decorations throughout, like the quilted wall hanging by the door, koa wood flower vases, Hawaiian pictures, ... .

Day 2: Jan. 19---around the east side and on to Poipu

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2005 Oregon July trip with Barb (Crater Lake)

I was always threatening to take my best friend from childhood on a trip with me.  We finally did that trip.  Turned out to be a lot more stressful for her then we ever anticipated!  Anyway---

We started the trip with a couple night on the beautiful Oregon coast.  By now my husband and I were Worldmark owners, so I had gotten a couple nights at the Worldmark Depoe Bay in a 3 bedroom unit.  My DAd joined us and was pretty much our driver for most of the week we were in Oregon.  My friend started showing signs that something was wrong, but we chalked it up to the chilly Oregon coast breezes, even though it was July.
Worldmark Depoe Bay
view from livingroom window

more of our condo at Depoe Bay

the gounds of the resort
 Of course we headed down the coast to show Barb the scenic coastline.  She had never been to the west coast.  We stopped in the little town of Depoe Bay and watched for some of the resident whales there.
 Then we continued on .
 Dad even found a tree stump on one of the coastal pathways that doubled as a chair.