Monday, September 14, 2015

2015 STL road trip

8/19-9/10: road trip to St. Louis by way of Daytona, Edisto, and Knoxville.
When Ken agreed to rent an apartment in S. Florida for the year, he also claimed he was going to go back to St. Louis every 4-6 weeks.  So it came as a bit of a surprise to me when it was almost 3 months before he decided to head back for the first time.  His good buddy and x-work contact was going to be in St. Louis the beginning of September and had rented party rooms at 2 Cardinal baseball games and invited us to one.  That was enough incentive to even get me to come back to St. Louis for a "vacation"!  So on Aug. 19th, we jumped in our car and started our long trek back.  

The day after the food trucks we headed off on a road trip that took us to a night at the Wyndham Ocean Walk on Daytona Beach; the Wyndham King Cotton Villas in Edisto, South Carolina; 3 nights in Knoxville at our son and daughter-in-law's house; 2 weeks in St. Louis;  2 more nights in Knoxville; 2 more nights in Edisto; and finally back to Coral Springs.  Just a few pictures to highlight that trip---

2015-8-19 so long Coral Springs  


2015-8-20 on to Edisto    


2015-8-21 on to Knoxville


2015-8-22 Knoxville


2015-8-23 Riding around West Knoxville


2015-8-24 on to St. Louis


2015-8-25 MOBOT   


2015-8-28 and 29---visiting with friends and family   

2015-8-30---St. Louis Zoo 

2015-8-31---kids'  old house

2015-9-3---Butterfly House

2015-9-5---Cardinal game with Bailey's  

2015-9-6 to Knoxville and Boomsday celebration

2015-9-8 to Edisto

2015-9-9 Botany Bay

2015-9-10---on to Coral Springs

 It turned out to be a fun 3 week trip.  Even though at times I felt like we were back in the dark ages---no cable tv, just digital antennae; no computers, just a phone; no ac for the hottest part of the trip!  Was great seeing Tim and FAith and all our friends and family in St. Louis.  Am I ready to move back there---not hardly!!!