Saturday, June 28, 2003

2003 June 28--- Europe with Angie---from Ronchamp, France - Geneva, Switzerland for an evening by Lake Geneva:

June 28:
The next morning we ate our rolls and jelly and proudly thought we figured out the train schedule in a pamphlet Angie found. So we hurried up to the train station and waited for our 9 am train. Here is the huge "station" in Ronchamp. Not really a station, meerly a stop.

9 o' clock came and went, then 10, and 11, ... .  We waited and waited and waited. 

Finally a train came---and went.

We waited some more--a couple more trains came and went without stopping (cargo trains). Angie finally got out her laptop and we sang songs while we waited---like "Lordy don't leave me, all by myself!"

Finally the Lord sent us a train---not a large one, but big enough for us. Turned out the schedule we were looking at was for M-F and it was Sat.  Not as many commuter trains ran on the weekend!

We were back on our way to Belfort, then waited for a connection to Basil. Again we waited and waited and waited! No trains to Basil, but there were a bunch of trains to Bale going by. Finally we both realized at the same time that Bale was France's Basil! We had hoped to go through the Alps by daylight and on to Venice, but it was getting late in the day, so we decided to go somewhere closer and ended up in Geneva, Switzerland. Not a bad alternative, except for the screaming kid in first class for an hour. Then there was the guy popping bubble wrap for another hour! At least the scenery was pretty.
church and farmland
 Loved all the sunflower fields!
When we arrived in Geneva, it was nearing dusk. There was a Warwick hotel across the street from the train station, so we went there and booked a room for $200--a bit pricey, but after a day of frustrating travel, convenience was worth paying for.

After dropping off our luggage, we headed out to explore the waterfront about 5 blocks away.   It was a nice walk.

The waterfront was a beautiful area with boats, fountains, swans, a lighthouse, and even swimmers.

We stayed by the lake until dark, then headed to look for dinner. After walking by 3 different places that were closed, we ended up at the only open place we could find--- McDonald's! We got back to the room about 11pm.

It was a short visit to Geneva, but well worthwhile!
Now---on to Italy!

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