Wednesday, August 13, 2003

2003-Aug., Oahu for Sean’s reenlistment

While Sean was stationed in Oahu, he reenlisted for his 3rd (I believe) term. He asked my Dad (his Grandpa) to be his reenlisting officer. So Dad asked me to go along with him and make a vacation out of it. I eagerly accepted and flew out to PDX to meet up with him and fly out the next morning.

As it turned out, the Navy didn’t have enough money to give Sean his reenlistment bonus if he did it at the originally scheduled time, so Dad didn’t end up being the reenlistment officer, but we did spend a few days visiting with Sean and playing tourist on Oahu. Sean did later reenlist, but Dad wasn’t able to make it back out for that.

Back in those days, I didn’t have as many timeshare points as I do now, so I went online and found a reasonable rental for a 1 bedroom/2 bath condo about a block from the beach---Imperial of Waikiki Vacation Club. I believe I got the week for something like $450 for the week at short notice. I figured that was a great deal. After seeing our unit, it was a fantastic deal! Since it was only a one bedroom, I let Dad have the bedroom and I took the fold out couch. It was actually more comfortable then I expected. It was also really nice having our own bathrooms.

Dcp_4725-entryway to table

The kitchen was small but very functional.


I had called and requested an upper unit with ocean view and we got the request. We were both blown away by our view!

Dcp_5043-view from our window