Wednesday, August 13, 2003

2003-Aug., Oahu for Sean’s reenlistment

While my nephew, Sean, was stationed in Oahu, he was up for another reenlistment--- his 3rd (I believe).  Since his Grandpa (my Dad) had been a lifer in the Air Force, he asked my Dad to be his reenlisting officer.  Dad eagerly accepted, then asked me to go along with him and make a vacation out of it. I also eagerly accepted and flew to PDX on Aug. 8, 2003, to meet up with him so we could fly to Oahu together the next day.

As it turned out, the Navy didn’t have enough money to give Sean his reenlistment bonus if he did it at the originally scheduled time, so Dad didn’t end up being the reenlistment officer, but we did spend a few days visiting with Sean and playing tourist on Oahu. Sean did later reenlist, but Dad wasn’t able to make it back at that time.

Imperial Waikiki Resort---1 bedroom/2 bathroom unit:

8-9-2003---riding around Oahu with Sean and Waimea Park:

8-10-2003---Hanauma Bay snorkeling:

8-11-2003---walking around Waikiki:

8-12-2003---Diamond Head hike

8-13-2003---Dad's birthday celebration with a limo tour:

8-14-2003---submarine ride:

8-15-2003---the Arizona Memorial and Army Museum in Ft DeRussey:

It was another great father/daughter trip. Again we got to play tourist as well as visit family. It was a fun week in Oahu.