Sunday, August 13, 2000

2000-Oregon Vacation (Faith's 1st trip to Oregon)

This was the year we took Tim's girlfriend (and future wife) with us to "meet the family".  What we didn't know was that in afew short months, my Mom would suddenly die in her sleep.  She was in a quadriplegic state for 32 years after a car accident.  Can't imagine living like that for so long, or taking care of her like my Dad did for so long----but I'm glad she did!  And I'm glad dad took such good care of her!  They were much loved!!!  Glad I took this last group picture of us!

One of the things we always did on our summer family visits to Oregon was head to the coast for a couple nights.   This gave Mom and DAd a little break from us and all the commotion for a couple days and we got to enjoy one of Oregon's treasures.  We usually ended up around Lincoln City---about 45 minutes away from our base of Dallas, Oregon, where my family lived. 

This year we stayed at Ocean Terrace Condos.  They aren't fancy, but the views are pretty spectacular.