Saturday, February 18, 2012

2012 Kauai---Feb. 16-March 2 (Schneide trip): Na' Anina Kai garden; Just Live Ziip line tour; Smith's luau; Coffee plantation; Waimea canyon; Polihale;

Finally, another year has flown by and we are in Kauai again!  This makes Kauai trip # 11 for us.   For 1 of our 2+ weeks we are excited to have good friends Coni and John Schneiderjans join us.  But for now, it's just Ken and me.

Yesterday was a long travel day.  16 hours of airports and planes.  Finally got on Kauai about 10:15pm Kauai time.   With my Fastbreak reservations in hand, I was off to get our rental car.  About 30 minutes later,  I finally had my car!  Fastbreak wasn't fast this time!  But everyone without Fastbreak was flying out the door with their car keys in hand.  Oh well, soon I had our Ultima and was trying to figure out all the controls.  10 minutes later we were at our Kauai home---Kauai Beach Villas.  Of course the Wyndham  office was closed already, so we were off to the Aqua resort who was suppose to have Wyndham late arrivals' keys.  Now we had to wait for the locked box with our key to show up.  Another half hour later, we were finally in our room for the 1st 2 nights of our stay---then our 2 timeshare weeks will start.  All hyped up now, we headed off to Safeway.  Surprising how many people are there at midnight!  About 1:30am Kauai time (or 5:30 am STL time), we finally hit the sack.

Friday, Feb. 17:
You would think we stayed up late enough last night to sleep in----wrong!  By 7 we were up again.  After officially checking in with Wyndham, we headed off to breakfast at Olympic Cafe.  Not only do we enjoy the food there, but we also enjoy the entertainment while we wait.  We always sit by the open windows and look down from the 2nd story restaurant and watch life go by.  
Clever surf board carrier!
We also marvel that there are semis on this little island!
Or how about this guy and his co-pilot:
Finally Ken's meal came----but not mine!  I got to sit there starving and watch him eat.  Finally my breakfast came.  I guess I wasn't as hungry as I thought because I could only eat half of my banana mac nut pancakes.