Friday, February 13, 2015

2015 On to Maui from Kauai:

 Usually we spend our whole vacation on one island, but this time I took advantage of good award travel itinerary to Kauai and from Maui.   We did have to pay $90@ plus $15 for one checked bag on Hawaiian for our flight between LIH and OGG, but I felt it well worth it to get to see Kauai for a few days, too.  But the 6 nights flew by and before we knew it, it was time to head to Maui. 

Feb.12, 2015--on to Maui from Kauai:

Feb.14, 2015--Valentine's day and Whale Day:

Feb. 15, Sunday: Whale Tales, West shore sights.

Feb.16, 2015---Kapalua and TripAdvisor Meet and Greet:

Feb. 19, 2015---Road to Hana and beyond:

Feb.20---Maui Ocean Center:

Feb. 21, 2015---Wailea Coastal Walkway:

Feb.22, 2015---Olowalu:

Feb. 23, 2015---The Dumps and Kameole 3---
Feb. 24, 2015---Back to the Dumps and a visit from Elvis:

Feb. 25, 2015--Maluaka, Ioa Valley:

Feb.26,2015--Depression setting in!  Time to go home:

I'm finally getting Ken to stay in Hawaii longer and longer.  Sure makes for a welcome break from midwest winters!!!!

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  1. Glad to see you have kept up the picnic
    tradition!!!! Your unit is pretty! You had such
    good luck with the fishies on kauai I bet
    you are going to have some spectacular
    underwater photos here! Have a great day!

  2. I saw that anthurium...multi color as well!
    The flat bed of mermaids was a hoot....
    I think we need a flatbed of mermaids in the
    Valley of flowers parade. Boy really windy
    hope your water calms down today. I miss
    the fishy pictures. Tomorrow is another day
    hope you have calm seas.
    see you soon C

  3. mmmm beer looks good
    sunset is pretty!!!
    going to be negative 3 here
    should have stowed away

    1. Nooooo---the temperatures are going the wrong way! You only have another week to correct that!

  4. wait a minute, wait a minute was that Ken sitting in the car while you took the rainbow eucalyptus picture

  5. He wouldn't even stop. I had to take them while the car was moving----at about 35 mph!

  6. lol that's my least he did stop
    for the picnic. The christmas wrasse
    has to be one of the prettiest by btw.

  7. I can't believe it is over����
    See you soon!
    have a safe trip home!