Sunday, February 8, 2015

2015--Feb. 6-12 Kauai trip # 13! Then Maui---Feb. 12-26, trip #3

Finally---Feb. rolled around again and it was time to take our annual trip to Hawaii.  This time we're going to 2 islands: first 6 nights on Kauai; then 14 nights on Maui.  When I went to book our award tickets on AA, Maui wasn't available for STL-OGG, but Kauai was --- so I was more then  happy to travel to Kauai first!  This is our 13th trip to Kauai.  Most of them have been for at least 2 weeks.  I figure that gives us over 6 months here now!  Doesn't that make us residents?!
Click on the dates to see lots of pictures and blog of our trip----

Feb. 6, 2015 --- Travel day (STL-LIH)

Feb. 7: north and Anini---

Feb. 8, Sunday: walk along KBV beach; drive through the East side; snorkel Poipu; waimea canyon overlook; dinner at Kauai Brewing Company; sunset by Koloa Landing---

Feb. 9, Monday:  Lydgate

Feb. 10, Tues.: high surf, no snorkeling :(

Feb. 11, Wed.: Lydgate

Feb. 12, Thursday: heading to Maui

 This was the shortest amount of time we ever spent on Kauai.  Hardly got to do anything!  No canyon this year.  No north shore snorkeling (except the one time at Anini).  Didn't even get to Poipu.  If I didn't blog, I'd be wondering what we did for 6 nights!!!  At least we get to spend another 2 weeks on the islands.  On to Maui!!!!  To follow us there, click on :  2015 Maui


  1. The raccoon butterfly fish is beautiful.
    I know sometimes when you have too many domestic beers you see pink elephants but it looks like you've been seeing pink trees!
    Oh guys, I'm so jealous the temperature here is 15 and the sun isn't shinning!

    1. See, you guys should have joined us! Then you could have drank some beers and seen pink trees, too!

  2. I always look forward to you blogging. Especially, in Hawaii and Oregon! ; ) Question: Do you back up your blog entries anywhere? Do you ever worry about them disappearing? I thought I read a rumor that google may not always store them? Thanks

    1. I actually use my blogs when I make Shutterfly books. I have about 50 books of my vacations now. Somewhat of an expensive hobby, but I never knew what to do with all the pictures I take---now I can look at a bunch of them online or in a book.
      As for them disappearing, I did have a bunch of pictures disappear a few years ago. Supposedly the photos are automatically resized if you use all your free space in Picasaweb (where the blog photos are stored), but I had to go and replace many blog photos a few years ago. Supposedly they'll store unlimited number of photos if they're 800dpi or less, so I reduce them to that size before uploading them now. Don't know what's going on with Explorer, but I can't upload pictures to Blogger anymore using it, so I use Firefox for that.

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  4. NIce pics, I'm statring to enjoy your blog a lot :)