Saturday, March 6, 2010

2010 Kauai

2010-Kauai trip #9, Feb. 19-March 5: tim and faith-Year of the Tsunami: plantation monument; TripAdvisor M&G; Moloaa; Wailua falls; Gaylord train ride; Smith's Luai; 

This was our 9th trip to Kauai and Tim and Faith's 3rd.  They decided to mix it up a bit by going to the Big Island first---just in time for a tsunami.  AFter 3 nights there, they joined us on Kauai for another  It was really great having them join us again, even though it was only for 4 nights.  

For most of our first week here, the weather was beautiful. It was sunny, in the 70’s, little wind and no vog, although the surf on the north shore was at advisory levels most of the 2 weeks we were there.

My cameras this trip were a Canon 30D dslr and a Canon Powershot D10 waterproof camera.  

2010-2-19  Worldmark Kapaa Shores

2010-2-20 moving day, already

2010-2-21 snorkeling Poipu

2010-2-22  "owners' update" in Princeville and snorkeling Lidgate:

2010-2-23 Salt Pond then a trip advisor meeting at the Grand Hyatt

2010-2-24  Moloaa and Poipu for sunset

2010-2-25 Hanging around the East side waiting for Tim and Faith to make it to the Big Island

2010-2-26  South to Lawai

2010-2-27 Tsunami!

2010-2-28 Anini and back to Salt Pond

2010-3-1 Kids arrive and off to Poipu:

2010-3-2 South again

2010-3-3 finally, a day to snorkel at Tunnels!

2010-3-4 lawai and Smith's Luau

2010-3-5  around KBV then Lawai, then home

It was another fantastic vacation!  Made even better by being able to share it with family.  Can't wait for Kauai vacation number 10!

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