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1995 Oregon (North coast and white water rafting out of Maupin)

This was another year of  new activities for us in Oregon.  We went to Oregon almost every year from 1975-2010 to visit with my parents,  so we didn't spend the whole time doing touristy things, but we would try to include some new adventure every now and then. 

We always spent a couple night on the coast, but we usually stayed around Lincoln City since it's close to our base of Dallas, Oregon.  This year we headed north.   We don't often go that direction because the road heads inland from the coast in many places.   A lot of the highway is through forests, but there are also lots of farmlands with some interesting animals in them.

The areas where we did see the ocean were beautiful.
Most of the ocean views were from high above ocean level.

Most of the beach accesses were a hike down, but it was worth it.
The water was COLD!  But fun to wade around in.

This is Hug Point, about 5 miles south of Cannon Beach.

Late 19th century stagecoaches that used the beach as a highway had to 'hug' this particular point even at low tide to get around it, hence the name Hug Point.
 The road, which is still there, was chipped into the rocky headland so wagons, stagecoaches and cars would not have to drive out into the surf to get around the point---at least during low tide.
This was the only trip where we spent a night in Seaside.  It's an interesting vacation spot.  The beach is huge and they have a really nice promenade between the beach and the hotels.
We happened to be there when they were getting ready for a huge sand volleyball tournament.  Being an avid volleyball player, I wandered the area until I found some people practicing and got myself invited to practice with them.  It was a lot of fun!
Angie really wanted to try surfing, so while we were there we found a surf shop that gave lessons and let her take her first and only surf lessons.  We offered to let Tim surf, too, but he wasn't interested. 
and they're off.

Instructions started on the beach.
Then it was off to the water

They spent about 2 hours out there.
Occassionally they'd come in to assess the waves and move to a new location.

She even made it up a few times.
Tim patiently waiting.
student and instructor

Just north of Seaside is Fort Clatsop. Lewis and Clark made expeditions south and west from here to hunt, as well as to survey and make reports about the vegetation, wild life, and natives. Their travels took them to an area near the base of Tillamook Head and Seaside's Cove area, where there was a native village.

Along with the museum, they did some cute educational programs.  Here we were acting like bears as the Ranger was doing a presentation on shooting their rifles.
Here they're checking out the canoes.
A short distance from there is Astoria.  It is situated near the mouth of the Columbia River.  The city was named after the American investor John Jacob Astor. His American Fur Company founded Fort Astoria at the site in 1811.  It's another pretty little Oregon town built on the hills.
We even went down to the Columbia River and watched a few fishermen for awhile.
Back at Seaside, we traveled a little south to Cannon Beach and waited for sunset.

Another new activity for us was heading to Maupin in "Eastern Oregon".  We decided it was time to give white water rafting a try and the Deshutes River was listed as the "warmest" and a fun one for beginners.  Since it was so far away from Dallas, we booked a night at Oasis resort---historic cabins that were originally used in the early 1900's during the construction of the railroad.  They were moved as the railroad moved.
After settling into our cabins (one for Tim and Angie and one for us), we drove along the Deshutes to get an overview of where we would be floating.

The next day we we headed to the river to meet our tour.  Turned out to be a large club of Japanese tourists.  They didn't speak English too well and we don't speak Japanese, so they ended up putting us in a raft of our own.  It was a lot of fun.  Everyone even had buckets and we had water fights with all the other rafters.

There were a few rapids.  They had photographers at stretigic points taking pictures as we went through the rapids.  We even bought some.
We thought Ken was a goner here!
At one point we came to shore and were instructed on how to "ride the elevators" by jumping into the water and floating down a series of low white water rapids.  Ken thought he was a goner there, too!
When we were done, we headed back towards the valley by way of Mt. Hood.  We got a quick bite to eat in the snack bar there and marveled at the snow covered mountain.

We don't usually camp while in Oregon, but decided to give it a go, too. So we borrowed a tent and supplies and headed to Elkhorn Valley Recreation Site just east of Salem for a night or 2.  Even though it was the end of July, it got COLD at night!!!  I reaffirmed that I don't care for camping!
The Little North Fork Santiam River there was very pretty, though.

Not really a great place to try rafting, though.  During this trip, the raft surprisingly sprung a leak!  Huhhh, wonder how that happened!

Just more of scenic Oregon!
With Lincoln City being pretty close to Dallas, we did a day trip to the beach, too.  We didn't pick the best of days weatherwise, but it was still fun.

My sister-in-law Jane's parents from Illinois were visiting, too.  I believe this was their first time seeing the Pacific Ocean.  I guess they weren't expecting it to be cold so her father wore his suit on the beach--one of my kids' favorite all time photos.
We also attended a wedding this trip.  My niece, Nora, got married.  We found it interesting that my Dad and his brother showed up in almost the same suits.
We also had a few family bar b qs with our wonderful hosts---Mom and Dad.

In our riding around in the Willamette Valley, we came across one of the many hops farms there.  We knew wine grapes and grass were big crops there, but I was surprised to hear that Oregon grew so many hops.  Now if I want to see hops all I have to do is go to my son and daughter-in-law's back yard in the summer!  They don't grow this many, but enought to supply their many friends and family in the St. Louis area!
Summer (July and August) in Oregon is hard to beat!  We spent many weeks there throughout the years and loved it! I had always hoped when we retired we might move out there.  Now we don't even get out there very often since my Mom and DAd are gone.  Our son and daughter-in-law talk about moving there some day.  Hopefully it'll be when we're still able to get out there and visit them!

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