Wednesday, September 9, 2009

OAHU, Hawaii --- a compilation of my 4 trips there: 1998; 2001; 2003; 2009

Our trips to Oahu:

Our very first trip to the Islands was to Oahu in 1998.  I found a great vacation package through TWA Getaway Vacations and surprisingly enough, Ken agreed to go.  So thus began our obsession with The Hawaiian Islands!

1998 Oahu---our first trip to the Islands:

2001 Oahu---3 nights around a Kauai vacation:

2003 Oahu---7 nights with Dad for Sean's reenlistment:

2009 Oahu---3 night solo trip:

If you want a place that's always bustling with activity and beauty, Oahu is the place to be.  It's not the laid back peaceful Hawaii most people think of when they've never been to Hawaii.  We don't often come to Oahu anymore since my husband usually wants to go to just one island and he prefers peace and quiet.  So we usually go to Kauai.  But I'm definitely not opposed to visiting Oahu again


  1. You said there are Elite housing area of Oahu, Kohala Estates. Many celebrity houses were pointed out on our 1999 Grand Island bus tour.

    Who is the owner of that house in the photo? a celebrity too? I view Kailua Oahu Hawaii using and i have seen a lot of big houses there mostly have their own swimming pools, i also visit a website that offers luxury homes for $9000 per night, that just very expensive but the home is beachfront so its worth the price.

    Where did you and father stayed? in Hotel or luxury homes? just by looking at your photos and your experiences in Hawaii, i am sure that you stayed there for more than a week, right? Hawaii islands is really paradise, it is complete with this you want to see just like in your photos. I really like the outdoor mass where people are just seating on the ground.

    I notice you have more vacation around the world too.

  2. Gracias por compartir tanta belleza Natural,regalode Dios y que debemos cuidarla.Con cariñoVictoria.España..