Thursday, December 10, 2015

2015 Oct. Food and Wine Festival in Epcot

Oct. 26---on to Orlando----
When the Schneides told us they were going to be in Orlando in Oct., we decided it would be fun to drive up and spend some time with them.  So we arranged to see them the last 2 days of their trip and I would go to Epcot with them one day, the other day they would hang out at our resort and swim and relax.

It's about a 3 hour drive to Orlando from our South Florida home.  We couldn't check in until late afternoon, so didn't bother leaving too early.   It was a pretty ride.  Even the Mt. Trashmore with the flocks of buzzards flying around them were interesting.
 We had lots of blue skies and puffy white clouds the whole way.

 Thanks to GPS, we maneuvered our way through Disney property to our Wyndham Resort---Bonnett Creek.  Originally I wasn't able to book that resort and we were going to stay about 20 miles away.  But  a couple weeks before our trip, a 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom unit opened up for the 3 nights we needed.  Yea!!!--We were able to use our VIP status to book the 1 bedroom for half the points and upgrade to the 2 bedroom free.  We hadn't planned on using the 2nd bedroom, but when we found out some other friends from St. Louis that we spent time with at Deerfield beach the day before needed a place for their last night in Florida which happened to be in Orlando, we figured why not offer it to them.  It was nice having their company.